Solar panels have several steps

  1. Contact Sunshine Solar Panels and we will assist you through the entire process.
  2. Design and placement of your Solar Syetem.
  3. Engineering your solar design is reviewed to make sure the roof is in good condition to add solar, possible roof replacement or tree removal, if needed.
  4. Permitting: Permitting process can vary depending on your location. (This maybe the longest part of the process). However, permitting is neccessary. The installers will assist you. Once permitting is approved your materials can be ordered.
  5. Installation process: The installers with provide a roof mount or ground mount, whichever the customer chooses. The gound mount requires the wiring to be buried underground to comply with the National Electrical Code (NEC). The roof mount has previously been designed to the customer's satisfaction prior to the installation date.
  6. Installation of the battery back-up, if requested. The monitoring system has to be configured to the battery and confirmed that the system is operating as intended.
  7. Once the solar installation process is completed, then a solar inspection is required by the city or county and the installers will assist with obtaining the Certificate. Then it's time to obtain a Permission to Operate (PTO).
  8. Congratulations you have completed the solar panel installation. It is now time to turn the Switch On!

Additional benefits of a Solar System

  • Solar will increase the value of your home. 
  • Solar is good for the environment.
  • Solar can reduce your electricity bill.
  • Solar panels can be used for various different purposes. However, residential homes, commercial buildings, and RV's are more typical.
  • Solar panels can be used in varioius different climates.

Resources to review for Solar